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El final de todos los agostos

Sinopsis del Libro

Libro El final de todos los agostos

A magnificent graphic novel in which Alfonso Casas parks the irony and offers us all his tenderness. Often the past leaves loose ends, issues to solve, questions that pursue our future. This is what happens to the protagonist of this book, Dani. Just before getting married, under the pretext of a photographic project about the passage of time, he travels to the coastal town where he used to spend his summer during his childhood. A place that he has not stepped on for twenty years and that, as the story progresses, reveals the importance he acquired in his life, because there he discovered, among many other things, the deep meaning of friendship. The physical, but above all, interior journey that Dani undertakes to try to respond to that hammering question: "What if ...?" Is articulated in a moving story, endowed with an exceptional tenderness, which awakens in us nostalgia for everything what we leave behind.

Ficha del Libro

Número de páginas: 152

  • Alfonso Casas Moreno




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