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The Pitcher

Sinopsis del Libro

Libro The Pitcher

HIGH-INTEREST, LOW-LEVEL: Reluctant readers will be engaged from beginning to end as they explore the responsibilities and skills of the pitcher in this 32-page nonfiction book. Side-by-side English and Spanish text and vivid, exciting photos show readers what it takes to fill this key position in baseball and softball. SPORTS BOOK FOR KIDS: Pitchers are team leaders. They train hard and must be smart with their throws. Just one pitch could win or lose the game! This book explores the pitcher position in baseball and softball and what makes a good pitcher great. INCLUDES: Readers will be hooked from beginning to end with facts and photos about some of the key positions in sports. Comprehension questions and activities support students, teachers, and parents. BENEFITS: This bilingual series supports reluctant readers with side-by-side English and Spanish text. Each book features stand-alone spreads, so readers can flip pages and read in any order. Glossary words are defined on the page where they appear, boosting reader comprehension. WHY ROURKE: Since 1980, we’ve been committed to bringing out the best non-fiction books to help you bring out the best in your young learners. Our carefully crafted topics encourage all students who are “learning to read” and “reading to learn"!

Ficha del Libro

Subtitulo : El lanzador

Número de páginas 32


  • Madison Capitano
  • Pablo De La Vega


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