Results Of Google Smartphone Survey

Results Of Google Smartphone Survey

Results Of Google Smartphone Survey A few days ago Google released the findings of a smartphone-user survey conducted at the end of 2010 that they did in partnership with Ipsos OTX. The audience was comprised of 5,000 US adults who owned a smartphone and accessed the mobile internet.

The findings of the survey seemed to support previous surveys whose results highlighted the ever-growing usage and reliance people have on their smartphone.

After the findings were analyzed, Google identified three three major consumer usage patterns in the data:

Action-oriented Searchers

  • 9 out of 10 mobile search users have “taken action as a result of a mobile search, with over half leading to a purchase

Local Information Seekers

  • 95% of smartphone users have looked for local information
  • 61% call a business
  • 59% visit a business
  • 44% make a purchase
  • 88% of local information seekers take action within a day

Purchase-driven Shoppers

  • 79% use their smartphones to help with shopping
  • 70% use their smartphones while in a store
  • 74% of smartphone shoppers wind up making a purchase
  • Smartphone shoppers “spent a median of $300 on purchases made via their smartphones.

Results Of Google Smartphone SurveyThere’s No Place Like Home

The survey also revealed smartphone users use their phones in the comfort of their home with 93% saying they use their smartphone while at home. Furthermore, 39% said they have used their smartphones while going to the bathroom (perhaps a little too much information) and nearly 20% would, if given the choice, would rather have their smartphone than cable TV.

Additional Findings

  • 72% use their smartphone “while consuming other media” including one-third who do so while watching TV
  • 77% of smartphone owners use mobile search with News (57%) and Dining (51%) the most popular searches being conducted
  • 82% notice mobile ads, in particular mobile display ads and a third notice mobile search ads
  • Nearly 50% who see a mobile ad take action, with 35% visiting a website & 49% making an actual purchase

One of the most interesting things that came out of this study was the fact that a little over 70% of smartphone users conducted searches on their phones after exposure to an ad, be it traditional, online or mobile ad.

Think about that… even AFTER seeing a print ad or online ad, nearly 3/4 of people used their smartphone to conduct their search.

Results Of Google Smartphone Survey

In Closing

Here’s what’s written verbatim on the posting about this very topic… I could not have said it better myself so I figured, why try? I just highlighted a couple key points.

“The findings of the study have strong implications for businesses and mobile advertisers. Make sure you can be found via mobile search as consumers regularly use their phones to find and act on information. Incorporate location based products and services and make it easy for mobile customers to reach you because local information seeking is common among smartphone users. Develop a comprehensive cross-channel strategy as mobile shoppers use their phones in-store, online and via mobile website and apps to research and make purchase decisions. Last, implement an integrated marketing strategy with mobile advertising that takes advantage of the knowledge that people are using their smartphones while consuming other media and are influenced by it.”