Healthy Easter Egg Hunt

Healthy Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt or as I used to call it “Easter Chocolate Overload”.

What child doesn’t like or look forward good old-fashioned Easter Egg Hunt?

My children are not exception. Weeks before Easter all they can talk about is EASTER EGG HUNT.

Healthy Easter Egg HuntEven the older one who’s know a teenager.

Easter Egg Hunt in our house is little different then the average Easter Egg Hunts around the country.

It is a combination of fun, exercise, thinking, team work, strategy planning and it takes quite a long time. Enough time for me to prepare EASTER Brunch for all the hungry treasure hunters.

Our Easter Egg Hunt is fun and exciting Easter Treasure Hunt…….

I introduced Easter Treasure Hunt to my kids few years ago after my older son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and we had to change lots of our family traditions.

As a family we had to pull together and come up with new and healthier ways to celebrate certain holidays and make new traditions.

So given the tons and tons of chocolate and sweets associated with traditional Easter Egg Hunt the Easter Egg Hunt had to be one of the traditions we changed. The usual hunt for chocolate and candy filled eggs turned into fun and exciting Easter Treasure Hunt.

Healthy Easter Egg HuntTo give you a little idea about our Easter Egg Hunt turn Easter Treasure Hunt…….

The children are hunting for EASTER EGGS which contain clues instead of chocolate and jelly beans. They need to follow all the clues in proper order to find the hidden treasure box. Along the way they are given certain physical and fun challenges to fulfill (according to age) and an opportunity to work together as a team.

The hidden treasure box contains little bags of candy (it is Easter after all) for each child and new outdoor toys they can use in the upcoming months like bubbles, balls, skipping rope, beach toys, badminton, sand toys.

Here is how it works:

#1. Place clues in 20 empty plastic Easter egg shells.
#2. Keep the first egg with the first clue to give to the kids to start the treasure hunt.
#3. Hide the eggs at the appropriate spots for children to find after following the clue from the previous egg.
#4. The last egg will contain a clue to help the kids locate the hidden treasure.

Healthy Easter Egg HuntDon’t forget to number the eggs so the kids are looking for the right clues in a right order.

You can use more or less clues. It is up to you how big or small you want your Easter Egg Hunt be.
My clues also include little physical activity like jumping jacks,two-legged race.

I used to do this only with my two boys, but two years ago we were joined by my best friend’s family and my little nephews.

As much fun my boys had hunting for treasure the previous years nothing compared to how much fun they had doing it in a group of 7 kids ages 2 to 16.

They had a blast and everybody is looking forward to this year’s Easter Egg Hunt with a Healthy Twist. We are adding 4 more children to our group of treasure hunters….this thing is getting HUGE and I couldn’t be happier.

Nobody will be missing Easter chocolate and candy. They will be having fun working together and hunting for treasure.