Hillary Clinton’

Why Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Aspirations Aren’t Dead Yet

Hillary Clinton’ Who would take Hillary Clinton seriously as a presidential candidate? With each new day comes yet another revelation about the secrets she and Bill Clinton have been hiding. Whether it’s her private email server when she was Secretary of State or the vast sums of money she’s washed through the Clinton Foundation to her lies about Benghazi, she has no credibility.

And yet “Hillary 2016” isn’t dead.


Quite simply, the American press is so dishonest that they simply refuse to treat her the way they would anybody else in her circumstances. Liberals loathe her and yet they are loathe to decry her simply because they want to retain the White House so badly – and at any cost – that they will ignore her many flaws.

Hillary Clinton’This is good news for Americans.

Hillary has pressure only from her Left in the form of self-proclaimed “Socialist” Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) and ex-Maryland governor Martin O’Malley (who made a mess of Maryland)

The longer her candidacy continues, the more she hurts the Democratic party. This didn’t affect them the last time because America was coming off of eight years of a Republican president and an unpopular war, but these conditions don’t exist this time.

So what is going to happen? Clinton will inevitably self destruct – just as she did last time – and someone else (perhaps O’Malley, perhaps someone else) will swoop in and be the “fresh” candidate and secure the nomination.

Of course, this entire charade would be over if the press would simply do their job.