How To Choose Nudist Resorts in San Diego

How To Choose Nudist Resorts in San Diego

How To Choose Nudist Resorts in San Diego The warm beaches and pleasant climate of San Diego, California, serve as an ideal destination for nudists. To accommodate the thriving San Diego nudist community, many resorts, beaches and clubs offer clothing-free retreats. Some San Diego nudist resorts are geared toward singles, while others are better suited for couples and families with children. No matter what type of resort you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it in San Diego.


Step 1
Visit the American Association for Nudist Recreation (see resources below). The AANR maintains an up-to-date list of naturist clubs based in San Diego. Here, you can join groups such as the Single Nudist Group or Nudist Clubhouse. Discuss San Diego resort options with community members, or meet up with the group at one of their frequent resort events.

Step 2
Read reviews on San Diego nudist resorts. Sites such as offer advice on where to go based on your particular naturist interests.

Step 3
Consider visiting De Anza Springs Resort. With over 600 acres of private land devoted to the naturist lifestyle, De Anza Springs is the largest nudist resort in San Diego County. Singles, couples and families will all find an enjoyable atmosphere at the resort.

How To Choose Nudist Resorts in San DiegoStep 4
Research other nudist resorts in San Diego, such as Glen Eden Sun Club. Glen Eden is family-oriented and entry is free for first-time visitors.

Step 5
Consider visiting a nude beach. Though nudity in public San Diego property is illegal, nude sunbathing is often overlooked in a couple locations. The north end of Blacks Beach is perhaps your best option. However, if an officer requests that you put your clothes on, you must oblige.